The Essential Hip Seminar

The guide to hip stability, lower back health, knees, ankles and feet.
The core of movement.

Sunday the 5th of February @ CrossFit Varangian 1.00-5.00pm

Early bird price £30

Valid until January 20th, then £50


With the focus of fitness changing, and more and more people training heavy deadlift and squats, people are missing critical ranges of motion and strength in their hips. Down the road this will cause hateful things such as knee pain and also the dreaded lower back pain.

Essential Hips is designed to give you the tools to avoid overuse injuries and also strengthen your hips at your own level, so you can happily train harder and not have to deal with constant tightness or niggling injuries. Lots of unilateral exercises will be covered and also the squat and deadlift itself with many assistance moves and variations.

Not everyone is designed to squat ass to grass.