The Ultimate Daily Mobility Routine

4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Daily Mobility Routine”

  1. Wonderful reads Tom, Thanks! In my daily routine I include practicing spreading and drumming my toes – you just never know.

    In another post you mentioned walking. How many of us actually walk with good form? I would enjoy a post from you on this sometime.

    I’d also appreciate a post on tennis elbow. I discovered this innocuous sounding ‘annoyance’ is some serious $#!t in real life.


    1. Fantastic! Thankyou so much, yes everything needs proper attention! There is nothing that can’t be made better. On my YouTube channel search for “tricks to avoid elbow pain” there’s a few methods explained there! My wrist article on T-Nation would be useful also! Thanks again for your message!


  2. Hi Tom,

    I’m trying this routing to “unlock” my body in the morning but I have some questions, so if you could give any help would be awesome!

    The “Wall levator scapulae stretch with shoulder flexion” should we keep the back against the wall like the snow angels or it’s just the upper part?

    On the Pigeon pose more on the left side just by staying in the position I get knee pain on the inner side, can I do another exercise instead of the Pigeon or some variation?



    1. Hi!! Keep the low back planted on the wall, don’t worry about getting your arm all the way to the wall as long as you’re feeling a stretch. I would remove the pigeon pose completely, search my YouTube “tom morrison clockwork lunges” and “tom morrison anchored lateral chain stretch” they should help you out!


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