The “Movement” Guy

I am having such a blast at the minute! I can’t believe how well things are going! Literally every day I have something new to work on or an inquiry from someone about doing something together. I am constantly busy and don’t feel like I am working at all.


Something that I have always found funny is marketing. Basically the loudest person with the prettiest adverts knows the most! I have been to many different teachers and courses and saw exactly the same movements, taught in slightly different ways and called completely different things and BOTH of the people teaching would say that the other doesn’t have a clue what they are talking about… it’s sad.

We are all just big children in a make believe game, we can all draw on each others experiences and knowledge, the more people we interact with the more experiences we can share and the better at things we can become! One of my good friends constantly says I give out too much free information and should be selling more stuff but honestly, I love to help people. A message saying “Hey tom! Your video really helped my squat! Cheers buddy” really makes my day! And it is getting me business so I am happy! I really wish I could have found a page like mine years ago, I always picked stuff up wrong! I was so clumsy. Then to make it even worse, when I started getting a little bit stronger, I tried to bull my way through things rather than build a solid foundation.


What I have really come to realise this past year is, by not working on my mobility restrictions for all these years I was ALWAYS hindering my true strength. Since I actually addressed my shoulders properly with techniques that actually worked for me, everything has got better, my pulling, my pressing, in all plains of motion AND I never get tight traps or shoulder pain anymore! Handstands EVERYDAY! (And everyone knows you can’t be in a bad mood upside down).

Please don’t make “movement” into a “thing”. Understanding your body should just be part of your life, you don’t ever need to go past fancy names like “arms” and “legs”. Honestly, learning the science and names behind stuff really never helped my practical application of things, experimenting with myself and training many other people did. You cannot replace collective experiences of people, nothing actually works and everything does simultaneously.

So yes as I start to get more recognition, PLEASE don’t refer to me as a “movement guy” or anything like that! I’m just Tom, I work on my toebility but I still love wearing shoes, squatting in lifters, trying to do dumb shit and having fun, I am in no way one with the universe….. yet.

Keep things simple.