Back pain: how to WISE UP!

7 thoughts on “Back pain: how to WISE UP!”

  1. Inspiring story but can you outline what – precisely – you did do to get to this point in your life? Thanks.


    1. Increased my thoracic mobility, improved my rotational hip strength, and used the Jefferson curl to mentally rewrite my fear, the trick is to do mobility work every day and make positive changes to your overall strength and flexibility

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  2. OK, thanks so much for this. Can you give me one exercise (the best one) for increasing thoracic mobility and one exercise (again the best) for rotational hip strength?

    Also, on the Jefferson curl, I can barely touch my knees – let alone go beyond where my toes are – how do I start on this?

    Thanks for your help.



    1. Hi! Search for the thoracic bridge and standing hip CAR’s the Jefferson curl really needs someone to coach you through it! Search your local gymnastics schools! Hope this helps!! 😊


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