Stop wasting your time


You are running out of time to waste

Don’t worry fine person! If you are reading this you are not wasting your time! And hopefully by reading this you will be inspired to be a little less you, and a little more the you that you deserve. Is that insulting? Should Tom Morrison really be saying you shouldn’t be yourself? Is that what Tom Morrison is actually saying? Or could it be that not only is this a message to everyone but it is also a message to Tom Morrison himself….


I motivate people, it’s part of the job description, as such I’m a positive person. If you’re a pessimistic misery guts then working with people is probably something you should avoid. That’s not hating on people that are naturally more miserable, some people that genuinely can’t help it. But there are also those that just live to be a moan, and think everyone else should moan like them and partake in the “How hard life is” march, as they control their wall sized plasma TV from their iPhone 52..

People rub off on people. That’s the problem.

There have been many times where I got caught pandering to people’s feelings instead of saying what I really think. The problem with pandering to people’s excuses and moans, is you have to kind of agree with them, even if you THINK you’re not agreeing with them there is still some empathy that creeps into your head. Guess what? You are now having someone else’s thoughts.

If someone is complaining about something, it is up to them to change it.

Being surrounded by conversations which resulted in me saying: “Don’t worry, you are doing your best” started to turn in to me telling myself that it’s “ok” to have lazy days, it’s “ok” to skip my own training and not feel motivated. Being surrounded by people with the aforementioned “moaning for the sake of moaning” outlook had begin to rub off on me. Which brought me to this conclusion: A fear of offending people doesn’t help anyone, if someone is complaining about something, it is up to them to change it. From now on I will be saying as much.


The message that I want to spread is get as many people to stop wasting their time as possible. I did it for so long; waiting for the right moment to start getting fit, foreseeing some magical event that was suddenly going to make me motivated, my last last last cigarette, stopping drinking every day of the week – basically from aged 18-24 that was my life. Six fucking years of nothing, I worked to drink and go out at the weekends. Only when I started embracing how hard it was and admitting to myself that I was in charge of my own life did I start to get anywhere. It then took me five years to get out of the mess I was already in and finally leave the job I hated. Could I be down, moaning and blaming other people for me wasting all that time? Yeah, but that’s stupid because now looking back, all the options were there for me to change at any point.. I just didn’t want to because there was always “later on”.

Only when I started embracing how hard it was and admitting to myself that I was in charge of my own life did I start to get anywhere

I can’t imagine how hard it must be at 40 or 50 years old to find yourself in the rut that I was in and then decide you want to change – people that do that inspire me. I actually see myself as extremely lucky to turn my life around when I did. I’m not going to say I would be dead if I hadn’t of but I’d probably be a hell of a lot fatter, single and have a lot of gamer points on my PlayStation.. and I’d dare say I’d still struggle to walk upstairs.

Oh dear you had to get up early? Well at least you have somewhere to sleep. Your legs hurt? Well at least you have legs. You’re hungry? Well at least you have the choice and money to be able to get food whenever you want. Start thinking about how lucky you are and PLEASE stop wasting YOUR time. It’s YOURS and YOU are in charge of it. I love to think of all the things I could of accomplished if I was athletic in school, it’s never going to happen now, but I’ll be dammed if I’m not going to make a go at any and all accomplishments I can achieve for now. A missed opportunity is only missed if you don’t work for it.


If you are unhappy with where you are at the minute, sort out your life. No one is going to do it for you, find things that excite you and go do them. Your perception of what “people” will think and things like embarrassment are exactly that: a “perception”. Everyone is too busy with their own shit to care about what you’re doing, so just go do it.

If this article offended you in anyway please don’t hesitate to send an email to “ and I am sure someone will answer you.

Spread positivity, stamp out bullshit.