Training vision to meet your goals

One of the things you would have to agree with when it comes to anyone you look up to training wise is that they are ALWAYS driven. People that have a clear goal of what they want to do and where they want to be always seem to perform the best. I am sure you have heard this all before, but it’s not enough to say “Hell yeah! I’m gonna be more driven!” You have to actually sit down and think about WHAT it is you want to do so that your mind has a reason to justify the training that you will be doing.

This has worked for me on numerous occasions, on top of that, I have always learned something cool or better yet developed something that helps to make me a better teacher. The first time was for my strict muscle up, literally every day I went to the gym I shouted “today’s the day!” and tried. For a good month I failed every day, but I was so confident in my head that I could do it that I kept grinding it out, until one day it just happened. Looking back now there is so many things I should have done different, like…. proper progressions…… but the enthusiasm was there and the result eventually did come! My skill didn’t really properly improve until I decided I wanted to be able to do 5 in a row, then I actually trained properly for the movement.


The second time I really noticed how much having a vision changed my training was when I was going for a 100kg snatch. Snatch was always my weakest movement purely from a mobility standpoint, I just avoided it for years. After my back injury I was told I wouldn’t be able to lift again, and that was the trigger in my mind, I said to myself “Nah mate, I’m gonna snatch 100kg”. Now, I didn’t enlist in any program or have a specific “I need to work on these weaknesses” plan laid out. I literally woke up every morning with that image of the weight above my head celebrating like a badass. My training was purely dictated by my drive for that one thing.

First thing that happened was my diet went to shit, I just felt like I needed to eat ALL the time, no matter what it was. Cardio went out the window completely: how are thrusters and burpees going to make me snatch more? Answer: they’re not. I started squatting, a lot. I also became really hard on myself about missing lifts. If I could not perform a weight flawlessly for that day I would go as low as 50kg to just drill the movement. I ended up snatching 4 days a week and every other day was specific mobility to be able to cope with that volume. All of these choices were made by my body and what it felt like it needed to do, obviously my experience helped me to make the decisions but there is no reason under the guidance of a coach that anyone couldn’t do the exact same.

The pistol squat was another nightmare-movement for me that I avoided like the plague. Even after giving myself the ability to squat I could barely do half reps even with lifting shoes on. My ankles just had no give in them. The resistance band around the ankle shit does not work enough – I had tried spending EVERY DAY doing that and got nothing out of it because your body learns nothing from it.

That was my first problem, I had all these tricks for increasing ankle mobility but none of them were working for me personally. This is how I came up with 3 amazing drills for ankles. The funny thing is they already existed, but the application of thought towards the skill is the actual magic. I told everyone to wait one month and I’ll be banging out pistols for reps in flat shoes, and most laughed as they had all seen my previous attempts, with a callisthenics competition coming up I didn’t really have a choice: I needed them, and I needed them fast! Took me 2 weeks. Again though.. the diet took a bit of a hit and fitness wasn’t really a high priority for gaining range of motion.

This worked for freestanding handstand push ups also, I just wanted a video of me doing them so much that my life became handstands.

At the minute I have gained all the skills I currently want to have and I am finding myself being drawn back to martial arts again, but also I seem to have taken a notion of getting the abs back properly again so with that thought back in mind I have been doing more conditioning than ever! And loving it, this time though my diet is actually on point as I know that’s what will be the biggest help in dropping bodyfat and keeping me performing at a high level!

If you decide to give yourself 6 months to do something, why could you not do it in 3? Answer that and build your training around it.

Have a goal in your mind. Visualise the shit out of it. Break it down into achievable sections. Go get it!