Are you stuck in a rut?

4 min read.

Sitting here with a cup of pointless decaf coffee (I know right!? My skin plays up if I have too much caffeine and I like hot drinks, STOP JUDGING ME!!) I’m wondering what it is that I actually do. I am a very “go with the flow” kind of person, but it highly stresses me out sometimes. I hate wasting time, and I really need to feel that I am being pulled in a direction that makes me and others around me feel good.

One of the best things I have found out about myself and many others is the sadness and demotivation that comes from holding on to something you feel you’re not progressing with. It’s so easy to become caught up with a draining habit, routine or situation that you created, you forget the reason you started it in the first place.


So what do you do when this happens?

If you have only been doing something for a few weeks, chances are you just don’t like it and it’s not for you, which there is nothing wrong with. If you have gave it a good honest try and showed up with a good attitude but still leave feeling a bit disappointed then maybe it’s time to let it go for now. Leaving something like that will leave you more open to retrying it in the future rather than grinding on until you eventually hate it so much you never want to do it ever again. There are many things I tried that didn’t want continue with, but when I became a more competent trainer I felt like I understood the value in it, so I was a lot more motivated to try it again.

What about other hobbies? Remember that you are allowed to do as many things as you can fit in – if you end up having only one thing for “me” time then that is going to eventually become a chore itself. For example, when coaching became my full time job, my training suffered slightly. That is not a boo hoo statement, it’s simply a normal repercussion of being in your ‘place of chilling out’ too often: it becomes less of a getaway and more like a home. My ‘rushing home from work with excitement to get to the gym as fast as I could’ was gone because I was already at the gym. Despite loving every second of my job and the things I do, EVERYONE needs an outlet…. So I do handstands…. outside, like….


This is easy to say, but it’s the hardest thing in the world to take your own advice, especially if you have friends tied up in a particular hobby or location. But social encouragement can only get you so far if you’re just not feeling something. Sit yourself down and have a chat with yourself as if you were someone that you cared about (weird, I know). Ask yourself: are you happy? What do you see yourself doing in a years time? And then ask if what you’re doing now is taking you towards that goal, AND are you ok with that?

I have an overwhelming urge to explain myself here…. I am not an expert at life and have nothing figured out…. but I have had that conversation with quite a few people including myself and they have all seen the benefit in it and are much happier now, so I do feel a need to share the thought.

I think I feel better now…

Getting stuck in a monotonous habit and doing things just for the sake of doing them is a fast track way to limit your potential in my eyes. As much as nutrition and sleep can be blamed for someone’s performance, you cannot deny no matter how bad all those things are, if you REALLY fucking love something you will have energy. People that have a great sense of purpose always do shit better and have the best time.


Could it be that we are just scared to admit that maybe we weren’t right about something? Could it be that it’s easier to follow a herd than lead your own charge?
Could it be that without constant attention to what we do we just start existing and not living? Or could it be that sexy Sarah keeps using the adductor machine right in front of the preacher curl…. who knows.

Don’t do stuff you don’t enjoy, but make sure you’re not just being a miserable sap first.