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Your body is not broken, it’s confused

This is probably going to be the most interesting article you’ll ever read in your life, probably the most beneficial too. Not because I am gorgeous, incredibly handsome and good looking.. but more because of the dots I am about to connect which apply to EVERYTHING.

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Your Training Atmosphere

Personally if I’m training, I like to be as loud and boisterous as possible and make everyone in the room want to outlift me and kick my ass. It makes me work harder, takes the fear of big weights out of the way and gets the old testosterone levels rising.

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Accept your limits, then break them?

The worst thing about these negative consequences is that they don’t happen over night, you could go for a year before your joints start to feel like pepper grinders, and it all could have been avoided by discovering your Most Important Limiting Factor (MILF).

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The Familiarity Concept

Build new skills using the Familiarity Concept: Have you done anything BEFORE that resembles what you’re trying to do now? How often are you trying? What do you practice […]

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Corrective Exercises are bullshit

Going down the route of automatically blaming your Psoas for everything, or getting insoles because your Soleus doesn’t like Gluten on Thursdays is just such a waste of time and research.

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You have no idea how special you are

The most common trend that I come across though, even with the most confident people is that we all seem to have something in our lives that makes us feel like we’re coming up short, not good enough or some reason that we’re not as good as someone else. And I’m here to tell you YOU’RE RIGHT!

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