I have worked for years to find the “BEST” method for increasing ranges of motion and strength. And the truth is, there is no “one true method” BUT, there is a TON of rubbish out there, and the hard part is knowing which direction for you to go.

The Movement and Mobility seminar is suited to anyone and everyone, the less flexible and clumsy you are THE BETTER! I have had coaches, athletes, physiotherapists, chiropractors, people with no flexibility, people with too much flexibility, people with no coordination all attend my courses and they all leave with something. Whether it is enhancing your own personal practice or improving how you work with others, the Movement and Mobility seminar is for you.

The seminar includes:

  • Learning how to assess your structure safely before starting to work towards a skill 
  • How to avoid the fear of self-labelling with imbalances and dysfunctions
  • How to progressively build on progressions to attain skills like muscle ups, handstands, and pistol squats with bodyweight exercises and why learning those exercises properly actually HELP your mobility 
  • How to easily assess your body every day to stop silly injuries that are completely avoidable 
  • How to focus on joint function rather than isolating muscles 
  • How to build daily habits that will last you a lifetime and always make you stronger 
  • How to start to experiment with your mobility practice and string movements together to increase your overall proprioception

If you would like to have the Movement and Mobility seminar held at your gym/box/club or practice I would love to hear from you. Each seminar is slightly different because everyone is different. I like to make it as interactive as possible and I actively encourage questions


To book a seminar at your gym, or to find out more information, check here!

Learn. Practice. Play.


Get off the lacrosse balls and rollers and learn effective techniques to increase your strength and range of motion.

Saturday the 8th of April @ CrossFit Derry 10.00am-5.00pm

Early bird price £35

Valid until March 17th, then £50


The guide to hip stability, lower back health, knees, ankles and feet.
The core of movement.

Sunday the 5th of February @ CrossFit Varangian 1.00-5.00pm

Early bird price £30

Valid until January 20th, then £50


With the focus of fitness changing, and more and more people training heavy deadlift and squats, people are missing critical ranges of motion and strength in their hips. Down the road this will cause hateful things such as knee pain and also the dreaded lower back pain.

Essential Hips is designed to give you the tools to avoid overuse injuries and also strengthen your hips at your own level, so you can happily train harder and not have to deal with constant tightness or niggling injuries. Lots of unilateral exercises will be covered and also the squat and deadlift itself with many assistance moves and variations.

Not everyone is designed to squat ass to grass.