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Where to start with mobility

The number one thing is just MOVE! You already know how to do a ton of stuff! You just haven’t tried to improve on it! Move your fingers, move your toes, tilt your head, start to see how your body FEELS. I could write a million drills and fancy techniques but that just means I had to invent them, and there is no reason YOU can’t do that too! We all have the same things, start to play with yourself…

3 Ultimate Mobility Sequences

3 things that everyone needs and the BEST stretches that begins to work on them! The deep lunge stretch is a personal favourite of mine and also something I regularly use as a test! Any bridge progression WILL improve your overhead mobility and being able to touch your toes to some extend is very useful for a lot of disciplines. Even if you really can’t be bothered working on your flexibility just hitting these 3 exercise variations will help you keep your body more mobile and injury free!

Back squat shoulder mobility and how to fix it

One of the most common causes of not being able to get a great back squat position is the upper back! If you are lacking in thoracic rotation or extension your shoulders may feel like they are going to rip off – meaning you won’t be able to get braced properly and you just won’t feel strong! Try these simple exercises and retest to see if you have an improvement!

3 mobility drills I don’t find that effective

Drills are drills, and that’s how they need to be treated. There are no quick fixes and in my opinion the use of assistance tools such as bands is not the best way to do things. This video is a bit of fun and I am not saying that these techniques don’t work; they are just less effective than focused strength sessions. My argument with any mobility drill is: what does your body learn from it!?

Shoulder mobility

Your shoulders are capable of so much movement. Failure to explore this makes them unhappy long term. Move the ball and socket joint how it’s meant to be moved! Yes there are obvious positions of strength you can load up and get crazy muscles with but neglecting the little guys is a sure fire way to get an overuse injury! Protract, retract, elevate, depress, push, pull and rotate. Explore every angle and your training will go further than you think it can!

Ball warm ups

Silly games that are played at Kid’s Classes are the BEST tool for making your body learn. As adults we start to look for fancy reasons to do things and overanalyse exercises to the point of barely doing anything at all. Grab life by the balls and start having some fun with your warm ups! Make your body think, react! Have fun laughing at yourself and get better hand eye coordination while doing it! Having reactive core stability makes it so much easier to learn new things.

Rounded shoulder correctives

A lot of people talk about rounded shoulders and bad posture, but how do we start to correct this? Stretching and “smashing” your pecs is all well and good, but if you don’t combine it with and exercise to use that range of motion what reason does the muscle have to stay that way? Here are some great things to combine together! Open up, use the range then integrate it into your training!

Hamstring strength and flexibility

Hamstrings are a funny one. Everyone likes to stretch them to death but…. if you over stretch something, it becomes WEAK! You need to keep strength in all of your ranges of motion or you just become a noodle!! Here are my favourite hamstring stretches and exercises! Add strength on strength with strength!

Progression based training

I love working towards new skills. Something I have geared my own training and my athletes is progression-based training. Every time you learn a progression it can be used to integrate into your sets and reps as bodyweight drop sets! It’s a great way to build strength and gain new skills FAST! Try it out!

Flexibility for dummies

A large part of your overall training has to come down to your overall awareness and common sense! Quite literally, if something hurts… don’t do it. Flexibility is progressive! For some people it can appear that results are almost instantaneous and for others it can take weeks and weeks of effort and work just to make a minor improvement. Never get annoyed with where you are it! If it takes you longer than others then you will appreciate it more, don’t get disheartened and work your way to becoming a better mover so you can try new things and enjoy the hell out of your training!

Shoulder imbalance advice

If one arm feels stronger than the other… balance it out!! What good do you think you are doing using barbells and doing pull ups if you genuinely KNOW you have a weaker arm! It doesn’t take very long to do and it can save you YEARS of pain and missed gains! Be sensible when you start into training and always have your long term health in mind.