168 Tom Morrison facts

Some well known facts about the sexiest man alive

1. Tom Morrison once drank a litre of liquid chalk and deadlifted 200kg with his teeth

2. Tom Morrison was voted sexiest man of the year 2015… Twice

3. Tom Morrison once sold ice to a penguin, and is in negotiations for logistics for regular orders

4. Tom Morrison doesn’t wear any pants, except thong Thursday

5. Tom Morrison once stole the Crown Jewels to do a pole dance routine in drag, then put them back

6. Tom Morrison fancied moving house one time so he shoulder charged it 3 inches to the left, then moved it back

7. Tom Morrison wears glasses only to dampen his sexiness, too many bikini models have concussion from falling at his feet

8. Tom Morrison once had a debate with Sheldon Cooper, and won

9. A Tom Morrison burger is made of cheese and burger, no bun

10. Metal detectors always get set off by Tom Morrison, due to buns of steel

11. It was once said that Tom Morrison was doing a one handed handstand then took a phone call… With the standing hand

12. Tom Morrison’s muscles are so firm they can deflect bullets

13. Tom Morrison knows what Willis is talking about

14. Tom Morrison once punched a gorilla so hard it forgot how to speak English

15. Tom Morrison is so hard he scares his own reflection

16. Calvin Klein calls Tom Morrison for fashion advice

17. Tom Morrison once motivated someone so much they started Virgin

18. Tom Morrison deliberately unpairs his socks

19. A ten minute conversation with Tom Morrison can cause you to lose up to 5% bodyfat

20. Tom Morrison hasn’t exaggerated in three thousand years

21. Tom Morrison has a cardigan that has a fan page with over 30 followers

22. Tom Morrison told someone to f**k off so hard they did a backflip

23. Tom Morrison not only skips leg day, he eats skips on leg day

24. Tom Morrison once did a handstand for 100 hours

25. Tom Morrison can count faster than anyone else in the world

26. Tom Morrison can do a 20 minute amrap in 5 minutes

27. Tom Morrison once caused a hurricane by head banging, at a Celine Dion concert

28. Every time someone says “Tom Morrison” he gets 50p

29. Tom Morrison told Conor McGregor “he’ll do f**king nuttin”

30. Tom Morrison doesn’t do cardio, Tom Morrison runs from no one

31. Tom Morrison once accidentally won a strong man competition because he couldn’t be bothered walking around a truck

32. Tom Morrison won a grass eating competition, against a goat

33. When Tom Morrison calls shotgun he takes the driver side, the driver just has to deal with it

34. Tom Morrison’s beard is so perfect even people with OCD can’t even cope with the level of symmetry

35. Tom Morrison goes clay pigeon shooting, at night, with sunglasses

36. Domino’s hired Tom Morrison to grate their cheese in bulk as he can do 12 blocks at a time, using his abs

37. Tom Morrison taught Mr Miyagi how to wax on, and wax off

38. Tom Morrison once had a fight with a sabre tooth tiger, after several operations and physiotherapy, that tiger now brings Tom Morrison his coffee

39. Tom Morrison can paint detailed portraits, with his feet

40. Tom Morrison gives camera phones orgasms

41. Tom Morrison once told a bear he wasn’t allowed to fish anymore, that bear now steals picnic baskets

42. Tom Morrison once stretched someone so hard they became a twin

43. Tom Morrison once tried to kick himself, he broke his toe

44. Tom Morrison invented yoga, and chopsticks

45. No one gets share of Tom Morrison’s Haribo

46. Tom Morrison can speak Belfast

47. Tom Morrison has a stamp collection, of things he has stamped on

48. Tom Morrison was swimming and accidentally swallowed a whale

49. Tom Morrison is so strong he has a helper to squeeze his ketchup bottles, he can’t have a repeat of 2012 incident…

50. Eddie hall didn’t want his world record deadlift on that part of the stage, so Tom Morrison moved it for him… Twice

51. There was once too many Tom Morrison facts, Tom Morrison let some dude called Chuck Norris say they were his

52. Tom Morrison once did a back flip wearing steal toe caps in Arizona, he made a bit of a hole, that whole is called the Grand Canyon

53. Tom Morrison once brought a spoon to a knife fight, and won… Twice

54. Tom Morrison kicked a camel in the stomach, it nearly came out its back in the form of a hump

55. Tom Morrison once felt bad, bad enjoyed it

56. Tom Morrison makes deodorant smell good

57. Tom Morrison can play piano with his toes

58. Tom Morrison beat the flash in a race……….. Twice

59. It is rumoured that Tom Morrison can break melons, with his bum cheek

60. Tom Morrison has two beards, the second one is underneath the first one

61. Tom Morrison can slap you on the other side of your face

62. Tom Morrison is not a girl

63. They said that Tom Morrison couldn’t eat a horse, so he did….. Twice

64. Tom Morrison can slide down a chimney faster than Santa Claus

65. Tom Morrison once won a game of scrabble by using the word SNURKFLURKERBOP

66. Tom Morrison can punch you with his foot

67. Tom Morrison ate a happy meal whilst being unhappy

68. Grass is greener on the other side, unless it’s Tom Morrison’s grass, then it’s flames and pitchforks, get off Tom Morrison’s grass.

69. Hehehehehehehehhehehee

70. Tom Morrison is the London 2012 world record holder for eating the most half sausages in one sitting

71. Tom Morrison can use left handed and right handed scissors

72. There has never been a pickle jar that Tom Morrison couldn’t open

73. It was once said that Tom Morrison is so flexible that he can actually wrap his eyelids around his eyeballs

74. Tom Morrison makes beans fart

75. Tom Morrison knows there is a spelling mistake in fact 52.

76. Tom Morrison can stick out his tongue and lick the back end of the upside of his face

77. Tom Morrison knows your mum

78. When paracetamol gets hurt they take a Tom Morrison

79. It is said that lying on Tom Morrison’s chest is more relaxing than getting a massage from a panda

80. When Tom Morrison comes around it is a special occasion, there should be cake

81. Tom Morrison can do no handed press ups

82. Tom Morrison has a water bottle, it’s a bottle that he keeps water in

83. Tom Morrison knows that if you didn’t notice the spelling mistake in fact 52, you went back and checked

84. It is rumoured that Tom Morrison once cut down a tree with his….. You know…….. Thingy

85. Bears call bear hugs Tom Morrison hugs

86. Tom Morrison swims up waterfalls

87. A gingerbread man once told Tom Morrison to piss off, he was never seen again

88. Tom Morrison can see in the dark, if he has a torch

89. Tom Morrison can tie laces with his nostrils

90. Tom Morrison wrote the theory of relativity but lost it somewhere in a patent office

91. TV watches Tom Morrison

92. Tom Morrison discovered that temperature was the difference between hot and cold drinks

93. Tom Morrison is Tom Morrison

94. There was a Tom Morrison TV show in the early 90’s but it was cancelled because all women wanted to be with him

95. Tom Morrison’s ego isn’t confined by the laws of the universe

96. Tom Morrison can cure the common cold in a matter of weeks

97. Tom Morrison can hold any musical instrument

98. Tom Morrison can hold a hot saucepan by the handle

99. Tom Morrison emptied the recycling bin, kicked that cocky bins ass so he did

100. Tom Morrison eats bullies for breakfast, and lucky charms…

101. Tom Morrison eats bullies for breakfast, and lucky charms…

102. Tom Morrison once stood in an upside down handstand for 20 hours

103. A Tom Morrison clap is as powerful as a Thanos finger click

104. People think the small “TM” after certain things stands for “trademark” it actually stands for Tom Morrison

105. Every time someone claps, Tom Morrison gets 50p

106. Tom Morrison can talk you flexible

107. Someone gave Tom Morrison the middle finger once, Tom Morrison now uses that finger to pick his nose

108. Tom Morrison can keep his cool in calm situations

109. Tom Morrison has the administration skills of a small goat

110. Tom Morrison doesn’t make the best tasting coffee but its guaranteed to be the most epic

111. Tom Morrison abbreviated compact discs to CD’s

112. Tom Morrison once held a pool party in a volcano, everyone toasted

113. The common cold once caught Tom Morrison and it had to stay in bed for a week

114. A chilli once took a bite of Tom Morrison and said wow thats spicy

115. Tom Morrison can melt steel as easy as he melts your heart

116. Tom Morrison takes the weight of the worlds problems on his shoulders… for reps

117. The first camera was invented to capture Tom Morrisons pure spirit

118. Tom Morrison once walked so fast he invented running… and then never did it again

119. Tom Morrison invented suns out guns out… in winter…. at night time

120. Tom Morrison could beat you up EVEN if you were tied to a chair and blindfolded

121. Tom Morrison goes pee pee… standing up

122. Tom Morrison invented “your momma” jokes, about your momma

123. Tom Morrison is so strong, he does partner deadlifts, by himself

124. Tom Morrison is sexier than Brian Cahill

125. Tom Morrison saw those half rep push ups you did…

126. Tom Morrison has no vitamin boundaries

127. The rules of the road don’t apply to Tom Morrison

128. Tom Morrison has four chicken breasts for breakfast, from one chicken

129. Tom Morrison is perfect so that others have something to strive towards

130. Tom Morrison put bicep curls back into “functional fitness” and reduced pec injuries by 77%

131. The flash only thinks he is the fastest man alive. It is in fact, Tom Morrison

132. When Tom Morrison sits on a bike the pedals move automatically

133. Tom Morrison invented handles

134. Tom Morrison once shared his hair secrets to a man, that man was called Jon Bon Jovi, he then went on to start a quite successful band, cannot remember the name of it though.

135. Tom Morrison is the only person that can be right in an argument, even when he’s wrong, because he’s never wrong

136. Tom Morrison doesn’t just sign your boobs, he signs your heart

137. No one can eat the amount of sweets Tom Morrison eats in a single session without becoming horrendously overweight

138. Tom Morrison invented the word “shappalled” it is when you are both shocked and appalled at the same time

139. Tom Morrison can row 42,195m in 3 hours and 24 minutes, by himself…. with his biceps

140. There’s only ONE Tom Morrison, no imitation can be done

141. Tom Morrison’s beard hair combs his head hair, and vice versa

142. Tom Morrison shook the first milkstill

143. Tom Morrison doesn’t eat his vegetables, he eats yours

144. A T-junction actually stands for a Tom junction

145. Tom Morrison was, is and always will be, ridiculously famous

146. Tom Morrison drinks vodka martinis, stirred, not shaken

147. Tom Morrison can blow a brick house down with only one puff

148. Tom Morrison’s biceps were once measured at an incredible 28 inches! It turned out the person was holding the tape wrong but still… pretty impressive right!?

149. Tom Morrison once made a motivational quote so motivational that everyone gave a hoot

150. Tom Morrison always needs edited, no one can cope with the full Tom Morrison

151. The choreography from the movie Grease is actually based on Tom Morrison on a night out

152. Tom Morrison can count to 11 with his toes

153. The Tom Morrison Movie had to be cancelled as all of the actors that wanted to play Tom Morrison fell out and Tom Morrison decided it best to leave it as he knows The Rock, Jonny Depp, Hugh Jackman and Wesley Snipes are good friends and he didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings

154. On Tom Morrison’s first motorbike lesson he couldn’t get the bike started, the instructor was truly amazed and said that no one has ever been able to do that before

155. Jenni is in charge of Tom Morrison’s website

156. Tom Morrison can translate any language that google translate can

157. Tom Morrison gets left in the ball pit when his wife goes shopping

158. Tom Morrison don’t get in no trouble, he just brings the pain

159. A lot of people think that Tom Morrison is short for Thomas Morrison but in actual fact it is short for “THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE LEGEND TOM THE DESTROYER AND RULER OF MEN” Morrison

160. Tom Morrison invented after dinner mints

161. People ask what came first, the chicken or the egg, but it was actually Tom Morrison

162. Tom Morrison was in HD before HD

163. Why’d the chicken cross the road? To get Tom Morrison’s autograph

164. Tom Morrison has 18 abs

165. Tom Morrison sells underpants instead of T-Shirts as he prefers you to work out topless

166. Even if you beat Tom Morrison, he still wins… he taught you everything you know

167. Tom Morrison renamed the pineapple back in 1764, back then it was just called a spike fruit

168. Tom Morrison knows 100 and 101 are the same fact

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