You have no idea how special you are

Ugh, hang on, I think I threw up in my mouth a little writing that title. This isn’t one of those inspirational frigging “You can do it!” blogs, and it’s most certainly not written from a perspective of “I’ve everything figured out” because I most surely don’t. I’m only in my mid-twenties…. plus a bit…… 25 plus 4 years and 11 months is only a bit, right? Everyone seems to want to be the next Gary Vee and dish out life advice, I’m simply pointing out what I observe and my perception.

I have the pleasure of meeting tons of people, from all walks of life, it’s absolutely amazing. Each person I meet I can learn something from as I hope I can provide something to teach them also. The most common trend that I come across though, even with the most confident people is that we all seem to have something in our lives that makes us feel like we’re coming up short, not good enough or some reason that we’re not as good as someone else. And I’m here to tell you YOU’RE RIGHT! There are people better than you at everything, smarter than you, stronger than you and have done more impressive things than you could ever imagine doing.

It would be funny if I just stopped here wouldn’t it.


What’s my point? It’s all perception:

The masters athlete that comes to me at the age of 47 is standing there wishing he can do all the things I can do, is the same masters athlete that I’m standing hoping to myself that I am in the same shape as them when I am their age.

The single mum that has two kids and still finds time to get to the gym and eat healthily that’s upset about her progress, is the same mum that I’m standing truly inspired by her dedication and habits – I can’t even walk past a coffee shop without buying a bun.

The person that has had every piece of shit thrown at them at every corner of their life, that still takes the time to ask how I am? That’s special.

One funny one that always gets me is the people that laugh at the power lifter that can deadlift 400 kilos like “Ha ha! Can’t even touch his toes!” ….. its like…. emmm can you deadlift 400 fucking kilos!? Toe touching ain’t that important to him and he’s a legend, but people’s perception of what “good” should be, try to put a downer on his training choices.

What makes you you, is the collective whole of you. A persons training history is immensely important to me as well as how they need to progress from where they’re at now. If I use myself as an example: I didn’t do sports, I never respected my body and I never exercised. When I decided to get fit I made every mistake there is and got hurt a lot, was extremely inflexible and struggled with alcohol abuse. Every time I got hurt I was told I should stop what I was doing and every time I didn’t listen. Yes, now I can do things that some people would deem as pretty cool, but, through all of those setbacks I learned, I grew and they gave me the knowledge I have today which I am able to transfer to people stronger than me, fitter than me and naturally more talented than me. What makes me unique is my sheer lack of talent or sporting history but unnerving ability to still make progress when I should be in a pain management program and taking a lot of drugs.


Never forget that your perception of yourself has a dramatic effect of how you feel mentally and how you perform physically. How the hell am I going to keep up with someone ten years younger than me that weighs 30kg less in a Burpee challenge? Should that make my Burpee score redundant? Should I hang up my boots? Am I past it? Why are these thoughts even in my head?

People are weird.

Outward focus of others is dangerous, yes you should always challenge yourself, yes you should feel like you could of done better every now and again but no you should not put unrealistic pressure on yourself or your training. My good friend Liam (The Prove It Guy, check him out here) has been spreading a message about expanding your comfort zone recently and it’s a great point. Everyones comfort zone is different, you expand on your terms, take guidance from others but ultimately make your own special blend of what makes you into you. And just remember you are all special little snowflakes, and I love ya.