Movement for real life

My goal is to make people strong, flexible, giving logical progressions for people whether they’re a complete beginner or an advanced athlete.

Never waste your time, educate yourself better!

I have worked with all kinds of bodies including professional MMA fighters, footballers and rugby players, experienced CrossFit athletes and weightlifters, people with no mobility, people with hypermobility, people with chronic back injuries, knee and shoulder injuries and most commonly people with general tightness or pain that can’t seem to figure out why.

Movement is something that never came naturally to me. I did not have a sporting background, and what I found from my study is that movement doesn’t come naturally to anyone – not even the ‘naturals’. I can pick up on the little things, I make you stronger and I do it using good techniques that help your body to learn how to work as one in the fastest way possible. My goal is to build a website and a community that I wish I could have been a part of when I started my journey all those years ago.

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  • Identify and eliminate your shoulder problems

    If you want smooth beautiful boulder shoulders that look good, you have to think about how they function first – if you just do the things that you WANT […]

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  • Weights!? You can’t even do a warm up!

    If you think for a second reading this “Ugh, how are these exercises doing to make me stronger they’re dumb and simple” you deserve every injury you get. If […]

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  • Sciatica – let’s kick its ass!

    Ah the mighty sciatica, a sometimes lovely pain that can come on for no other reason other than “Hey, why not! There’s nothing better to do“. I’m not going […]

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  • So you’re an old fart, but are you really “past it?”

    Do I need to apologise for the title again? Well…. truthfully I just want something to grab people’s attention so that I get more views and more people love […]

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  • Always evaluate your exercise selection

    I’m busy recently, like very very busy. I don’t have as much free time as I would like to and so my plan is to automate as many things […]

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  • Seminars

    Want to learn more about a topic I’ve covered? Want a seminar to be hosted at your gym? Check out the video above and get in touch!