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  • “The Simplistic Mobility Method is one of the best investments I have ever made. No more chasing numbers but quality movement instead. It’s amazing the way Tom has put the exercises together!”

    Stuart Thompson

  • “The Simplistic Mobility Method is EXACTLY what the name suggests. The difference between my first test and the retest after those couple of exercises alone, was truly mind blowing.”

    Simon Loalt

  • “My lower back pain that I used to get in the morning is gone. Thanks Tom for all your support, especially over messenger to help me with my overthinking the positions!”


  • “Would really recommend the Simplistic Mobility Method by Tom! Tom's guide hits the spot every time. It's made me realise my back isn't the reason my back hurts. Its tight hams, glutes and lordotic posture on one side. My days and workouts are so much better when i do the exercises from SMM!”

    Eleanor Newman
  • Not sure which program to choose? Check out our guide here

    Full Body Mobility Program.

    No equipment needed. Nothing fancy. No big words. Just great drills with simple explanations. 

    You might have a ‘dodgy hip’, ‘weak shoulder’, ‘bad back’, etc, because of injury, training or just from life... and you may have given up hope of getting rid of it  - but you can take back control!

    The Simplistic Mobility Method® is a simple, beginner friendly program designed to:

    •  Increase Flexibility in tight areas

    •  Build Stability in weak areas

    •  Assess Your Body & help you discover posture or strength imbalances

    •  Reduce Pain caused by compensations or limitations

    •  Prevent Injury through spotting warning signs

    •  Keep You Consistent using a simple structure & goals to work towards

    •  Be Accessible - You don't need lots of space or any equipment

    •  Be With You For Life - No more drifting from program to program, everything you need is right here

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    What you get:

    •  In-Depth SMM E-book
    •  13 Movement Routine
    •  Series of Tests & Assessments
    •  Comprehensive Demo Videos
    •  Beginner Versions of Every Exercise
    •  Progress Tracker & 'Cheat Sheet' PDFs
    •  Support From the SMM Community

    And no monthly subscription! SMM is a one-off payment for lifetime access & updates.


    Simplify Mobility and Make Gains!

    Join 9,000+ members who've not only improved how they move and train, but also overcome long term issues like Sciatica, Shoulder Impingement, Knee Pain, Neck Pain, Elbow Pain, Back Pain and more.

    There will be some exercises you suck at - but that's awesome 'cos that's what you need the most!

    We give you the tools, all you have to do is put the work in - and don't avoid things that are hard or uncomfortable, that's where all the rewards lie!

    See Your Progress

    We've structured the Tests & Retests so you can easily track your progress and actually have mobility goals! SMM gives you something to aim for, rather than a never-ending quest that loses momentum.

    Plus, if your motivation fades... the SMM Community is always on hand to give you a good kick up the bum!


    Want to see more success stories? Check out some reviews for SMM!

    Learning about your body is the best tool you can have, and the best way to get rid of aches, pains and niggles that you may have given up hope of getting rid of.

    You can also use SMM if you have plateaued: can’t quite get that new PR? Improving hip function, recreating balance between your shoulders or getting your obliques to work properly may be the vital bit of training you have been missing.

    Simplify your mobility practice and make gains in all aspects of your training today!



    I'm currently injured/in pain, will I be able to do SMM?

    It depends on how serious your injury or pain is. If you’re in pain, but you’re able to move without feeling worse the next day, or if you’ve seen a Doctor/Physical Therapist and they’ve given you the go ahead, then yes!
    No matter what, you’ll be able to do the tests and get a gauge of where you are. Plus, the E-book contains easier variations of every exercise to allow you to get benefits, even if you have limited movement.

    I’m not very flexible, is SMM suitable for total beginners?

    Absolutely! The beauty of SMM is that the whole goal is to improve at the exercises, so it genuinely doesn’t matter what level you start at. We provide easier versions of every exercise and ways to progress over time.

    When you feel inflexible, it’s easy to focus in on certain muscles such as your hamstrings or pecs. SMM incorporates flexibility in a much broader sense, taking your full body into consideration. You may find that you’re more flexible than you think in some areas!


    I'm already flexible, will SMM help with my pains/niggles?

    SMM is designed for both achieving flexibility and having stability through those full ranges. You may find that you can do some of the flexibility-oriented movements really well, but you’ll find the exercises that require good muscle control/stability a lot more challenging - this is often the case for people with hypermobility that use SMM.


    I've tried other programs that didn't help, why will SMM be different?

    Often, flexibility programs contain too much information or too many things to do, which can leave you feeling disheartened, overwhelmed... or just unable to stick to it long enough to make a change. It can leave you feeling like there’s just something wrong with you that can’t be helped.

    SMM strips away anything fancy, leaving you with the non-negotiable flexibility & stability exercises. It structures them in a way that’s achievable, progressive and you know exactly what you have to do each session. You’ll both see and feel the difference after consistently working hard for a few sessions. 


    How long will it take for me to see results?

    Timescales vary person to person, we have people in the group having immediate relief after their first session with issues that they have had for multiple years, some take a few weeks and others (although feeling physically better) still have improvement to make after 6 months. The main point is that they still feel benefits, and still stick with it.
    Generally, you’ll progress faster with either stability or mobility depending on your starting point & background!


    Do I need equipment to do SMM?

    Nope, just a floor, chair/sofa and doorframe/post! When I was designing SMM, I wanted to remove any excuses from being able to do it, and not having equipment was a big obstacle for many people.

    You don’t need equipment to assess your body or develop your internal awareness for how you feel, removing that barrier actually helps you to do mobility work more frequently without it feeling like a chore.


    How long does it take to do SMM?

    An SMM session will take roughly 30-40 minutes at the start but it will depend on your level and how challenging you currently find the routine.

    Ideally, you’d aim for 4 sessions a week, but this may differ depending on what you can fit into your schedule. If you need to reduce the reps, need to move slower, or can only manage twice a week then you’ll still get benefits over not doing it at all!


    I do/play a sport will SMM help me?

    More than you will ever know! SMM fills in the gaps in your sports training, allowing you to tolerate harder training sessions for longer - plus have more wiggle room when you want to push yourself that bit further.

    I’ve seen so many completely avoidable injuries over the years from beginners to advanced athletes, caused because that cannot do simple movements that they never knew they were missing out on. Unless you are a professional athlete, you won’t have access to unlimited massages, physiotherapist treatment, one to one coaching and you most likely have a day job… so SMM is an incredibly smart investment.


    Can I do SMM alongside my own training?

    SMM is very easy to do alongside your regular training. We recommend doing SMM at home, so you can save your gym time for the fun stuff.

    I’d only advise stopping/reducing your regular training if you’re at a stage where you can’t even go for a walk or look at a dumbbell without hurting something - that’s when you really want to dial things back and focus only on SMM.

    Sometimes, it’s better to take that small step back in order to take leaps forward.


    What happens after I buy SMM? How do I access the program?

    After you purchase SMM you will immediately be emailed your password to log in to the dashboard on the website. (Check your Spam/Junk/Promotions folder if it takes longer than 15 minutes. If you don’t receive it at all, just send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll get your account set up manually!)

    From there you can view any programs you have with "The Simplistic Mobility Method" at the top. Click “View” and you will see the videos and PDF’s and then you can get started right away!


    Can I use SMM on my phone/TV?

    Yes, SMM will work on all tablets, laptops and phones. Very rarely you may have issues casting the videos to an LG TV if it has its own browser but if you post in the Facebook group or send us an email at [email protected] with what set up you have, we can help you out.

    It educates you!
    It's tried & tested!
    Makes you feel awesome!
    Helps treat & prevent injuries!
    No equipment needed!
    It’s a one off payment!
    It has lifetime benefits!
    There's an active, global community group!
    You get direct contact with Tom & Jenni
    What are you waiting for!?

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