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  • “The Simplistic Mobility Method is one of the best investments I have ever made. No more chasing numbers but quality movement instead. It’s amazing the way Tom has put the exercises together!”

    Stuart Thompson

  • “The Simplistic Mobility Method is EXACTLY what the name suggests. The difference between my first test and the retest after those couple of exercises alone, was truly mind blowing.”

    Simon Loalt

  • “My lower back pain that I used to get in the morning is gone. Thanks Tom for all your support, especially over messenger to help me with my overthinking the positions!”


  • “Would really recommend the Simplistic Mobility Method by Tom! Tom's guide hits the spot every time. It's made me realise my back isn't the reason my back hurts. Its tight hams, glutes and lordotic posture on one side. My days and workouts are so much better when i do the exercises from SMM!”

    Eleanor Newman
  • Full body mobility program.

    No equipment needed. Nothing fancy. No big words. Just great drills with simple explanations. 

    The Simplistic Mobility Method is an easy to follow program designed to:

    • Make you aware of any postural or strength imbalances you may have

    • Teach you how to test your body and why it is important to assess these things regularly

    • Give simple, clear instructions for movements which you should be able to perform before thinking about any kind of weight training

    • Enhance your overall awareness so that you know the warning signs of injury in future if you are training to perform at your best

    • Put mobility/flexibility into the areas that you need it and stability into the areas that you don’t! Yes, it’s possible to be too flexible in certain places.

    • Be accessible: No equipment needed. Nothing fancy. No big words. Just great drills with simple explanations. PLUS bonus content!

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    Got questions? Scroll to the bottom of the page for some FAQs

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    With the SMM, you can easily discover and work on imbalances that may have been holding you back for years. Many of you will have a ‘dodgy hip’, ‘weak shoulder’, ‘bad back’, etc, because of injury, general training or just from life that keeps coming back and affecting your performance.

    What you get:

    Devices.jpg 711.67 KB

    •  An in-depth E-book containing the Simplistic Mobility Method program which will help rebalance and retrain your body PLUS the tests that you will be using to measure your progress

    •  The e-book also contains instructions of how to use it, extra information and the reasoning behind the exercises

    •  A comprehensive set of videos demonstrating the Tests and Exercises in real time with Tom and Jenni for you to easily learn and avoid common mistakes – no equipment required!

    •  A Cheat Sheet PDF which takes you through all the exercises in extra detail, showing you exactly which muscles are targeting with extra tips and things to look out for!

    •  Daily access, feedback and support from the SMM Facebook group and Tom Morrison

    •  An extra video containing Bonus Exercises for those with access to resistance bands, kettlebells and juggling balls!


    I want everyone to know that it is not okay to be in pain all or most of the time.

    And what’s more, you don’t have to be: many instances of long term pain are easily fixed, imbalances resolved and wear-and-tear reversed. Your body is a powerful machine that is capable of many things, and if you are experiencing recurring pain, weakness after injury, body imbalances or general immobility,  it’s time to take action.


    Check out the amazing progress below of the ‘Deep Lunge’ test from Jennifer, a member of the Simplistic Mobility Method group!

    She had surgery on her right hip in 2011 and since then she says that nothing has ever worked to get it to open or increase its flexibility before:

    Some before and after shots. I am currently on Day 11 of 14 of the SMM program. First picture is the beginning test on day 1. […] [in the second picture] you can see that on the right side hip (my bad hip),  I can now get my arm to the floor.  And that’s before I do the program for the day!

    My lower back pain that I used to get in the morning is gone. Thanks Tom for all your support, especially over messenger to help me with my overthinking the positions!”

    Day 1 – Deep Lunge test Failed. Elbow at mid shin level displaying a great level of tightness in the right hip

    Day 8 – Deep Lunge test Passed! Elbow to the floor, right hip much more open and mobile, which has eliminated Jennifer’s low back pain


    Some more feedback from an amazing SMM’er!

    “I wanted to say thank you for sharing your Simplistic Mobility Method. I love (hate) it!!

    I have been doing SMM for 6 straight days now, it is the best thing ever! I’m pretty sure that you can hear some choice words all the way over there in Lisburn. I’m originally from Enniskillen but now living in North Carolina.

    When it comes to the deep lunges, let’s not go there!! They bring a little tear to my eye. But I love how I feel after it all. Pretty much after day 2, I was much more mobile.

    A long standing shoulder issue has been bothering me for months after overusing it whilst swimming. I saw your videos with the bands around the stair banister and did that. Two days later, no more shoulder pain! Have been doing it consistently a million bajillion times like you said. Every time I walk past the stairs, I grab the band and stretch and circle. Day 5 and counting :)

    I look forward to hearing from you. I’m telling everyone I know to look you up! Thank you again. If you do a follow up with SMM 2, I’ll be first in line to get it!”


    27485239_10156305517678606_1289072592_o-1024x1024.jpg 131.25 KB

    Carolyn is a great example of someone with a range of built up injuries from training and some long standing imbalances, yet with a bit of dedication she has smashed all the tests and reaped the benefits! Here's what she had to say:

    After reading one of Tom’s mobility articles on T-Nation, I looked him up on social media. I liked what he had to say and wanted to see if there was any more I could learn from him. It was there that I found his Simplistic Mobility Method.

    I had hit a massive wall in my training; or rather the wall smacked me in the face. I had been chasing numbers, letting my mobility and flexibility slip big time, and I had a few injuries – hamstring tendonitis, tight hip flexors and tennis elbow. I knew I had to do something about how my body was working. I saw the results of some of the people who were already practicing the Simplistic Mobility Method and I was intrigued. They seemed to have had almost immediate results. I wanted that!!

    I purchased a copy; I couldn’t wait to get started. I did the tests and, as I had suspected, my mobility was very poor in areas, especially the hips when I took the deep lunge test. I made the decision to commit to myself to prioritise this (as, after all, who doesn’t want an impressive squat and deadlift technique)!!

    It took a little longer for me but I wasn’t giving up. After 10 weeks of following the Simplistic Mobility Method I was able to get my left arm to the floor when taking the deep lunge test. 2 weeks after that I was able to get my right arm down to the floor also.

    My mobility has improved in all other areas too and this has fed into my training. My body feels stronger, I feel like I have added 2 inches to my height and I am sleeping like a log. Recovering from the tight body showed me how constricted I actually was. Now my squat and deadlift techniques are much improved and I can squat below parallel without pain.

    The Simplistic Mobility Method is one of the best investments I have ever made. No more chasing numbers but quality movement instead. It’s amazing the way Tom has put the exercises together so they flow into each other and open up the whole body.

    I really can’t recommend the Simplistic Mobility Method highly enough!! Do it now!!

    – Carolyn Harvey, ISA Nutrition


    Learning about your body is the best tool you can have, and the best way to get rid of aches, pains and niggles that you may have given up hope of getting rid of.

    You can also use SMM if you have plateaued: can’t quite get that new PR? Improving hip function, recreating balance between your shoulders or getting your obliques to work properly may be the vital bit of training you have been missing.

    Simplify your mobility practice and make gains in all aspects of your training today!



    Is SMM really worth it?

    Straight to it, eh?? Ok, as an example, when I hurt my knee I spent 6 weeks of physio on it - that cost me about £300. When I hurt my shoulder that was 3 sessions; £150.
    When I badly injured my back I pretty much went every week for 6 months straight just to get some relief... I don’t even want to calculate that.
    The Simplistic Mobility Method is £59 once. For a lifetime of benefits.
    You will learn about your body, how to spot injuries before they happen, it is a tried and tested method with real athletes. After people have bought SMM they have found that they no longer need to go to Physio as often, or even at all.
    Why waste time when you have to rest or rehab after an injury, when you could just prevent it in the first place?
    Plus… as an added bonus you will receive lifetime access to your online account where you access SMM, and automatic updates and upgrades of any improvements we make to the program in future. It really is a lifetime of awesomeness.
    PLUS! As an extra added bonus, you’ll become a part of a global community of SMMers via our facebook group, where you can ask questions directly to people who’ve been using the method for years, and directly to Tom & Jenni who are very active in the SMM community.

    Do I really need SMM?

    After working with so many people over the years, there are always things we miss about training, mobility, and recovery – no matter how much research and practice you do. You will pick up imbalances and compensations over years of small mistakes, misinterpretations and even daily habits.
    The Simplistic Mobility Method allows you to learn what your body can and can’t do right now - the best injury is the one that never happened. And you can use the tests & methodology to keep maintaining and checking your body throughout your entire lifetime.
    SMM is designed to make your joints sit and work correctly and teaches your body to move as one unit with great muscle activation.
    It doesn’t matter what you like to do for physical activity, everyone has the same joints and muscles and they need to have a certain baseline mobility & stability to function well; SMM is that baseline. 
    Your body won’t be sore all the time if it moves well.

    What happens after I buy SMM? Where do I access the program?

    After you buy, you’ll receive an email with your login details and a link to sign in to your new dashboard!
    If you don’t receive an email, make sure to check your spam/junk folder. If it’s not there either, simply go to and click “Forgot Your Password?” to generate a new sign in email for you. Some email hosts don’t like automatic emails and block them to protect you from spam!
    Once you’re signed in, you will see the Simplistic Mobility Method on your dashboard, and from there you can click into it and download the e-book, and check the videos easily. Everything is stored online for you, and any updates we make to the program will automatically appear for you.
    If you ever forget your password, don’t worry! The “Forgot Your Password” feature is always there! You won’t lose your account.

    How long will it take for me to see results?

    After your first session. Yeah, really!
    In your first session you run through a series of tests before and after. Some people notice visual improvements right away, others just feel better, taller or that they are moving easier. Surprisingly, many are shocked at how much they struggled with.
    After that, as you’d expect, the more you use the program the faster you see results.
    Most people tell us it takes about 8 sessions to make a real difference to their body and their training. So if you can manage 4 times per week - that’s only 2 weeks to awesome.

    How long does it take to do SMM? Will I actually stick with it?

    An SMM session will take about 20 minutes, so it is pretty easy to slot into even a busy timetable. We’d recommend between 2-5 sessions per week, depending on how much time you have available.
    The better you get at SMM the less frequently you’ll need to go through the whole routine. You can pick the movements that benefit you the most and throw them into warm ups & cool downs. We also go through a way you can condense your mobility practice into a 5 minute-a-day routine!
    Your very first session will take longer, as you’ll go through a full body assessment and we recommend you watch the videos alongside the e-book to check the technique, tips and progressions. You’ve also got checklists and note sheets that you can use to mark your progress.
    After that, 20 minute sessions! 4 times a week if possible but if you can only manage 2 times that’s still more than none.

    I’m not very flexible, is SMM suitable for total beginners?

    Don’t worry, trying to get flexible before starting a mobility program is like trying to learn to drive before your first lesson.
    The Simplistic Mobility Method is what you need to increase your flexibility in a safe way! Not just stretching for no reason, but intentional, directed exercises to build both mobility and stability.
    The exercises are laid out in such a way that show you how to regress them no matter where you are at! And on the flip side of that! If you are too flexible then the movements are perfect for you to develop control over to add more stability and confidence to your body!

    I do/play a sport will SMM help me?

    Yup, the Simplsitic Mobility Method is designed to help the human body – regardless of what sport that body does.
    In our SMM community group we have footballers, crossfitters, kettlebell athletes, powerlifters, weightlifters, rugby players, runners, normal gym goers, bodybuilders, coaches, physiotherapists, bodyweight enthusiasts, pole dancers, even people that aren’t interested in fitness and just want to feel good in their day to day life!
    We all have a body, sports and activities is all the fun stuff after your moves well. SMM is like the background operating systems of your phone to keep it running smoothly. If there’s a ‘bug’ in a specific area, your body will not perform the way it should!

    Can I do SMM alongside my own training?

    Yep! We would argue that SMM is an essential part of your training. It runs through everything you need for good performance.
    No more wasting time trying to figure out what’s causing that niggle, rolling out tightness, or getting stuck as a plateau, SMM gives you the tools to actively support and progress your training.
    It is an indispensable extra to your training! 
    However, if you were really in a bad way for a long time and your test show that you have a lot to work on, then I would focus solely on SMM for a few weeks and then return to training when you have the movements at a good level!

    Do I need equipment to do SMM?

    Nope, not at all! Every exercise can be done at home, at the gym, while travelling... any where!
    Every movement we use is bodyweight. The aim is to teach you how to move using your own body as the main tool, rather than relying on external forces!
    It educates you!
    It's tried & tested!
    Makes you feel awesome!
    Helps treat & prevent injuries!
    No equipment needed!
    It’s a one off payment!
    It has lifetime benefits!
    There's an active, global community group!
    You get direct contact with Tom & Jenni

    What are you waiting for!?

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