The Ultimate Stretching Routine

This is my ultimate daily stretching routine! It combines my favourite posture corrective movements and flexibility exercises that give you the most benefit for the least amount of work.

Give this stretching routine a try every day for just 2 weeks and feel the difference not only in your body, but also in your mind. 

Moving and stretching is something everyone should do every morning, even if it’s just for a few minutes. If you can do this first thing when you get up for two straight weeks you will see just how much a little bit of daily movement can dramatically change how you feel! 

Watching the video will take you the longest part, so do that when you have about 10 minutes spare, then after that this sequence will take you no longer than 5 minutes! Just like the Head to Toe bonus concept from The Simplistic Mobility Method

As well as the movement benefits, an important thing it teaches you the importance of testing and retesting how you feel before and after – the best way to learn what exercises work the best for you. No one is the same, and everyone has different areas of tightness.

Knowing how your neck, overhead reach, toe touch, squat and glutes feel on a day to day basis is so important! Especially when it comes to something like back pain or lifting weights: no glutes = no good! This is one of the things that makes The Simplistic Mobility Method such an effective program, it gives you flexibility and stability markers so you know exactly where you are right now, and what you personally need to improve on. 

Let me know how you feel after it, and I’d love to see your own movement routines!


Pre-routine testing:

 How does it feel? Tight, shortened? Maybe only on one side?

Overhead Reach
 Can you comfortably lift your arms overhead? Do your ribs flair up? Are your arms both at the same height?

Toe touch
 How close or far away from your toes are you? Do you feel a stretch in your hamstrings or your lower back?

 Can you easily sit in a squat? Or is this an uncomfortable position for you? Do your ankles roll, knees cave, or upper back round?

 Squeeeeeeeze! Do both cheeks have the same amount of power? Can you isolate your glutes, or you your quads/hamstrings try to join in?


After testing, run through this routine:

5x Wall levator scapulae stretch with shoulder flexion per side

5x Deep lunge knee pry per side

5x Deep lunge elbow to floor with reach, arm behind back thoracic rotation per side

5x Pigeon/child’s pose with reach left and right


Downward dog:

5x each heel to floor

5x bent knees shoulder press through


Couch stretch position:

Reach above head, grab elbow:

5x Lean away from straight leg per side

5x Hip circles, each direction per leg


15 second fold over hamstring stretch (grab calves try to straighten legs)

15 second hold Thoracic bridge both sides

5x Standing Hip circles each direction


Straight after the routine, make sure to retest! Does your neck feel better? Has your toe touch range of motion improved? Does your squat feel more comfortable? And could you crack walnuts with your glutes now!? 




Overhead Reach

Toe touch



This routine dips your toe in the water for better movement and a better functioning body!

The best thing about it is that it’s quick and requires no equipment, which means you are more likely to do it.

Stick to it for a full two weeks every day and you’ll have built an awesome habit, have increased your body awareness and genuinely feel stronger! 

This routine is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to lifelong flexibility! If you really want to take charge of your body and be able to do any physical activity that interests you, I highly recommend picking up The Simplistic Mobility Method!

You get in-depth instructional videos for everything you need to improve your entire body’s flexibility and stability, with tests and worksheets to follow teaching you how to assess yourself fully without any big words or unnecessary techniques. Just like this routine, you can do it from home with no equipment!

For a one-off purchase it is the most effective and easy to follow program you will ever own! And you will be able to refer to it forever! Check it out here!


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