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  • “I believe this course was the smartest investment I have done in sports so far!!”

    Fardad Ramezani
  • In this incredible educational video series you are going to be shown all of the elements of the barbell and how to wield it.

    Barbell Basics highlights important technique points and everything to look out for in your own practice. This is perfect for the complete beginner right up to an advanced lifter and even coaches. 

    Years of working with beginners and more advanced athletes has shown me that people miss the simplest things. Barbell Basics is inspired by the main eureka moments that both me and my clients have had during one on one coaching. You will come across things you have never thought of before and many subtle refinements that just might be that extra push you needed to make the progress you crave

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    Barbell Basics includes 12 thorough video guides explaining:
    1. Warming up 
    2. Bracing and relatable core strength  
    3. The deadlift 
    4. The back squat 
    5. The front squat 
    6. The overhead press 
    7. The bench press 
    8. The overhead squat 
    9. The clean and all variations 
    10. The snatch and all variations 
    11. The jerk and all variations 
    12. Barbell complexes 

    Plus in true Tom Morrison style a bonus video including how to use the barbell in unique ways for advanced core training! 



    You will be taken through a full warm up that improves your thoracic mobility, hip mobility, ankle mobility and your wrists, before moving on to how to create proper abdominal pressure for bracing for lifting - you will have a true sense of what “keep tight” actually means! 

    Then you can begin to work your way though all of the lifting videos - deciding where you want to start first! This is a perfect educational series if you don't have access to multiple private coaching sessions, and you have them for reference forever!!


    This is literally the most important video series every lifter needs in their life.

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