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    About Barbell Basics

    In this incredible educational video series you are going to be shown all of the elements of the barbell and how to wield it.

    Barbell Basics highlights important technique points and everything to look out for in your own practice. This is perfect for the complete beginner right up to an advanced lifter and even coaches.

    Years of working with beginners and more advanced athletes has shown me that people miss the simplest things. Barbell Basics is inspired by the eureka moments that both me & my clients have had during one on one coaching.

    You'll come across things you have never thought of before plus subtle refinements that could be that extra push you need to make the progress you crave!

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    Barbell Basics is Designed To:

    • Teach you how to warm up effectively for weightlifting
    • Simply explain bracing and abdominal pressure for lifting
    • Expertly guide you through 10 barbell movements

    What You Get With Barbell Basics

    Barbell Basics devices
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    Thorough video guides explaining:

    • Warming Up
    • Bracing & Relatable Core Strength
    • Deadlifts
    • Back Squats
    • Front Squats
    • Overhead Press
    • Bench Press
    • Overhead Squat
    • Clean + all variations
    • Snatch + all variations
    • Jerk + all variations
    • Barbell complexes
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    A PDF guide to Strength Programming. Including rep schemes, training protocols and advice

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    PLUS! A bonus video including how to use the barbell in unique ways for advanced core training!

    Barbell Basics devices

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, Barbell Basics is a one-time purchase for lifetime access (with lifetime updates too!)

    After you buy, you’ll receive an email with your login details and a link to sign into your new dashboard!

    (If you don’t receive an email, make sure to check your spam/junk folder)

    Once you’re signed in, you will see Barbell Basics on your dashboard, and from there you can click into it and navigate through all the videos & PDFs easily!

    Yes, all of the instructional videos are taught from complete beginner level, we show what the body positions should look like and how you should feel as you do the movements and how to break each exercise down, perfect if you cannot afford multiple one-to-one sessions with a coach!

    Barbell Basics is an educational series, so it is best to watch the content at home, make notes or plans, then film yourself doing the exercises in the gym. Compare your form with the instructional videos and check to see if you hit your target positions and you’ll be on the right path!

    You’ll need access to a barbell and plates (ideally bumper plates!)

    Barbell Basics teaches you how to improve or change your technique, so by taking the information and applying your lifts you’ll be safely hitting PR’s within weeks as long as you are consistent with your training! Having a solid foundation is key to your long term success.

    Reviews for Barbell Basics

    Luna Artemis Rose, Barbell Basics (SMM) review

    Luna Artemis Rose
    Barbell Basics review starBarbell Basics review starBarbell Basics review starBarbell Basics review starBarbell Basics review star

    Decided to get the "barbell basics" programme in the sale

    I haven't done much lifting since I kept hurting my shoulder, other than a bit of BODYPUMP with light weights!

    Today my shoulders feel great. They are sitting directing over my pelvis and are nice and relaxed, they suddenly repositioned themselves yesterday.

    I feel years younger!


    Alan McCrone, Barbell Basics (SMM) review

    Alan McCrone
    Barbell Basics review starBarbell Basics review starBarbell Basics review starBarbell Basics review starBarbell Basics review star

    I purchased the Barbell Basics and gave some of the videos a watch last night. 

    I am really impressed!

    I'm going to start working on them on Monday and can't wait to see my progress. It's exactly what I was looking for, simple cues for my simple mind. 

    I'll keep you all posted but already I would highly recommend this product!


    Chris Hull, Barbell Basics (SMM) review

    Chris Hull
    Barbell Basics review starBarbell Basics review starBarbell Basics review starBarbell Basics review starBarbell Basics review star

    Barbell basics is an incredible tool!

    From the detailed videos and walk throughs, to the advice on how to design and create your own workouts/skill work based on what you're looking to focus on eg volume, strength etc. 

    Don't tell him I said this but the man's a genius and it's incredible how all of the programs compliment each other so well.


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