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  • “Jeepers creepers!!! Even to a hardened cynic like me that's some difference! I'd spent months trying to improve via general stretching/YouTube and Physio's advice prior to Tom turning things dramatically for the better!”

    Nigel L

  • “The thing that separates Tom from other people I have asked for help is that Tom works with all the old injuries. Most other people just go "unless you can do this exercise exactly like this, I can't help you", while Tom always has a variation that works instead.”

    Nanna Stares

  • “I’m already a week in to his coaching and wow am I impressed!!! I’ve worked with tons of great coaches and he is definitely among the best. You can tell he truly cares and puts time and effort into it! Seeing big results already I’m not kidding I feel way better!”

    Johnny Roundtree
  • Work one-on-one with Tom for 4 weeks to fix an injury, learn more about your body or simply to make some gains!

    Sometimes just working by yourself isn't enough, sometimes you need an extra pair of expert eyes to see things you hadn't noticed before and to pin point what's causing your lack of progress. Tom has years of experience working with people from many different backgrounds at a variety of different training levels with a wide range of goals: no matter who you are, Tom will give you everything at his disposal to help you become pain free and smash your goals.

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    "In 2 weeks with Tom I made more progress in squat than I have done in 6 months and increased 10 kg in squat weight. In 4 weeks I was squatting more weight at 10x10 with ease than I did with at 4x6 with effort.

     The difference in everyday mobility and general movement is staggering, and the big problems I had in the hip with severe differences between right side and left side is all but gone.

     Average running speed have increased 0,5 km/h for 3 km, and there have been a real noticeable change in body shape. I have gone from looking like a pear to a nice hourglass shape (which is quite an impressive feat considering I am overweight).

     The thing that separates Tom from other people I have asked for help is that Tom works with all the old injuries and other defects I have. Most other people just go "unless you can do this exercise exactly like this, I can't help you", while Tom always has a variation that works instead.

     He works with the body, instead of against it, and it really makes all the difference for a person like me who's struggled with physical problems since childhood. And the fact that all communication has been through internet with no physical contact (I am based in Sweden) have not been an issue at all and have worked perfectly.

     Considering the amount of coaching and time I have received, his coaching is actually quite cheap."

    - Nanna Stares, after Online Person Coaching

    Once you purchase:

    Tom will send you a questionnaire to complete:
    Your answers will allow Tom to get a sense of where you're currently at with your training or injuries, and get an understanding of what your goals are

    Based on your goals and current training, Tom will write you a personalised program
    This will be adapted over the course of 4 weeks depending on how your body reacts to the exercises. Working through your goals Tom can design the best routine for you to assist your training and keep you strong and more injury resilient.

    If you live locally in Northern Ireland, you can meet with Tom in person
    But the majority of your work together will be done via video assessment and continued reviews included over a 4 week period.

    How it works:

    Week 1:
    You and Tom will run through a series of tests to assess where your movement is at now. Tom will identify weaknesses and strengths, looking at your current and past training and decide what movements you need to focus on

    Week 2:
    You and Tom will get you working on the movements and exercises we identified and see how your body reacts. The feedback you provide will allow Tom to reassess where you are at, what's working and what isn't and what may need changed.

    Week 3:
    You and Tom will continue building on the exercises that give you the best results and take away what is not needed to give you a more concise and effective program. You'll delve into some more complex movements more specific to your training, covering exercises you may use in the gym and need your form checked on.

    Week 4:
    Tom will work with you to create your long term focus: what you need to work on specifically for your goals. This will ultimately be a short program with the least amount of drills so that you don’t need to spend hours every week blindly stretching! You will have gotten to know your body and the areas that you need to address so you can spend more time doing what you love!

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    This is a fantastic opportunity to set yourself up for the future, no matter what your training history or training goals. So what are you waiting for?
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