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  • “I started this program in December, and in just 3 months the progress to date is unbelievable. If the spilts is one of your goals or if you just want to work on your flexibility, then I highly recommend this program!”

    Heidi Sandell
  • Want to learn the splits in less than 30 minutes a day with no equipment necessary?

    Whether you’re a beginner starting at a long lunge, or if you’re pushing for your over split, all the movements in thie program can be adjusted to your level, so you will make progress no matter where you're at on your flexibility journey.

    This splits program combines multiple techniques to improve both your flexibility and strength, bringing about true mobility changes which your body learns to use and control over time.
    The front splits are a classic display of flexibility, but they require more than just being flexible. Have you ever noticed how much more bendy you are after a few drinks? In fact, many people under general anaesthetic show improved range of motion, which demonstrates the massive influence of your Central Nervous System (CNS) on your body.


    Unless you have underlying mobility issues you’ll find that you can put your legs individually into a splits position - so, what gives? Why are we all not watching TV in the splits? Basically: if your body doesn’t feel safe in a position it will not let you go there… and stretching both legs at the same time is a pretty extreme position.
    To be honest, there’s a good reason why your CNS doesn’t think the splits is safe: it’s probably not. Do your hips have adequate movement in all planes, external and internal rotation to prevent connective tissue issues, or repercussions in your legs and back? Are your glutes, hamstrings, adductors, quads strong enough to pull you out of the positions once you’re there? As annoying as it might be to be inflexible, your body isn’t stupid, and it very much likes to avoid getting hurt.



    Each day in the program is slightly different:

    Day 1

    Has a mix of traditional stretches, designed to hit multiple angles of the hips and legs giving a general base in different areas of flexibility.

    Day 2

    Tricks your Central Nervous System, playing on stretch-relax reflex techniques to give you massive flexibility gains very quickly.

    Day 3

    Has your biggest passive stretches scaled to your level, of course. 

    Day 4

    Contains exercises you will probably have not seen in a splits program before, it combines stretching with strengthening: opening your hip flexors and hamstrings before building up your overall leg and hip strength. 


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    But, the most crucial element of achieving the splits is consistent practice. So, we’ve made each day as compact as possible, taking no more than 30 minutes to complete - you don’t need hours every day!

    You can use each day’s program as a cool down after your workout, as a 30 min chill session while watching some TV, or as a standalone session itself in the gym – however you fit it in, just make sure it’s frequent. Your body is constantly changing and adapting, make sure you’re giving it something cool to do.

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