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Unique, high-quality, follow along video workouts to build an unbreakable body

The most efficient stability accessory program you'll use for life.

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Let’s face it, you know you should be doing more stability & mobility exercises, assistance work and the prehab accessory exercises that will fill in the gaps that you KNOW you’re missing in your training.

(and are the root cause of the injuries that send your hard work backwards after simply doing normal training exercises)

But… often you spend more time researching what to do, wondering if you’re doing it right, or wondering if you’re even doing the right thing.

Stability Builder™ gives you everything you need to be doing in clear, follow along workouts so you can just press play and know you’re not missing anything out.

Every basis covered.


What Do You Get?

11 high quality workout follow along videos, from 10-30 minutes long that you can do at home or in the gym.

A PDF workbook containing the workouts with space for notes to discover weaknesses & eliminate them forever!

Individual PDFs per workout breaking down the movements, regressions & benefits.

Plus FREE Bonus Material:

BONUS #1: Common Movement Mistakes guide + how to fix them
BONUS #2: 24/7 access & support from our online support group
All inside an online dashboard that you can access anywhere from any device!

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How To Fit It In

Each workout is less than 30 minutes long – some less than 15 minutes!

All you need to do is bolt on 1 or 2 Stability Builder workouts to your training per week, either at home or at the gym, and you’ll KNOW you’re doing enough of the good stuff to just enjoy your training.

Every exercise in Stability Builder™ is carefully selected for specific reasons to complement how your joints need to move, while teaching you how to build proper tension from all the angles you need to be strong in.

What Are The Workouts?

Isometric Tension

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You won’t have seen a workout like this before. Isometric tension shows you how to progressively ramp up tension to improve your mind/muscle awareness so that when it comes to normal training, your body feels stable and can fire the right muscles effectively!

Rotation & Balance

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Rotation and Balance covers all the ways your spine needs to move so stay strong & healthy, plus how to breathe properly when working on your spine mechanics. This is combined with balance work - the biggest secret to better back, hip and core strength is balance!

Toebility & Ankles

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Your feet are your foundation. Whether you’re a runner or a lifter it doesn’t matter, you NEED strong feet and mobile ankles to avoid common issues like plantar fasciitis, sprains, or tears. Not only will this workout improve your ankle dorsiflexion, but it will also build up other, less common ranges.

Coordination & Plyometrics

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Jumping, landing, and being coordinated are all things to develop for true athleticism, or if you just want to feel like you have a spring in your step! Learning how to absorb your own force and land without rattling your own bones is crucial to powerful plyometric strength.

Freestanding Resistance Band

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Resistance bands are an essential tool to improve your stability and muscular endurance. This workout is how to use them properly (not just curls & squats like its leaflet demonstrates). High rep resistance band work through large ranges of motion is one of the best ways to avoid muscle tightness.

Attached Resistance Band

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Not only can you do amazing things with just the band, when you anchor it properly you have the most ultimate full body & core activation device in the world! You will be hard-pressed to find these techniques combined in this way anywhere else!

Unilateral Stability

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If you predominantly use barbells, they can mask imbalances you may have. Unilateral Stability is not only incredibly fun, but it also assesses you during the workout, quickly highlighting where you fatigue fastest or struggle the most. Your body can’t cheat or compensate in this workout!

Super Duper Sets

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Tom’s unique way of combining mobility into workouts, incorporating both weighted & unweighted exercises. Super Sets combine multiple complementary exercises to increase your workload, Drop Sets use the same movement/muscle but drop weight to achieve more reps… Super Duper Sets do both! This workout can be challenging at first but when you do it regularly, you’ll find your technique and strength in other training soar.

Lower Back & Core Builder

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To make your lower back feel better, you should address your hips, core & balance – which is exactly what this workout does. If you are prone to recurring lower back issues, this workout can even be done during a flare up and will help you to overcome it faster. The lower back is a complex fellow and needs a lot of support from everything surrounding it to make real improvement.

On top of these 9 incredible workouts you also get:

A Full Body Warm Up

workout-warm-up.jpg 77.64 KB

This is based on my own warm ups and morning routines teaching you how to prepare your body and work through loads of joint movement in under 10 minutes!

BONUS TRX/Rings Follow Along

workout-rings.jpg 61.13 KB

If you have access to these amazing pieces of equipment, then hold on to your pants because we’re going to show some incredible things for your hips and shoulders! There is SO MUCH MORE than dips and rows!

Break The Injury Cycle For Good

(Never See Months of Hard Work Deleted in an Instant Ever Again)

When I first started my journey with strength and fitness there were so many fundamental things that I missed. I started getting stuck in the cycle of train… injury… rehab… train… injury… rehab…

This happened again and again and again and again.

In fact, this same problem was happening to people all around me. When I became a Coach and gained more experience, I started to see the exact same patterns over and over.

Injuries, aches, pains, and weakness that were totally AVOIDABLE with just a few simple exercises added to your training.

(FYI - we've now worked with over 12,000 people who love to exercise to help them move better, progress faster and severely reduce the risk of injury)

The problem is that how do you know which exercises are the right ones?
It contains the best combination of exercises that I use myself, and we’ve used for years with our clients, allowing us all to get the most out of our training in the most efficient way possible - without having to search through hundreds of exercises and spend hours a week on boring prehab/rehab sessions!

Every workout is in a follow along format, so you will do the reps alongside me and Jenni, meaning you won’t miss anything (and you’ll actually do them!)

The Most Time (& Money) Efficient Program For Total Body Stability

Stability Builder isn’t just exercises I like; this is the BEST of the BEST!

Tried & tested strength and mobility drills that I have been using with people all over the world from all different backgrounds for YEARS!

This is the most efficient way to do your mobility & stability work and never fall behind.

To work with me one to one online is £400 for 4 weeks, but with Stability Builder™ you can have access to my best programming (the exercises I use EVERY week for personal programming) for just £67 for Life!

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What Do You Need?

A lot of the workouts inside of Stability Builder™ require no equipment, but, to get the most out of it you will need:

  A light resistance band or TheraBand

  A weight e.g. dumbbell, kettlebell or a full 2L bottle

  A step, thick book or yoga block you can stand on

Printing off the worksheets is totally optional, you can complete the workouts using just your phone, laptop, tablet or TV screen!

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Fill in the Gaps, Severely Reduce the Risk of Injury & STAY on the Results Train for Longer, for Just £67 TODAY!

Get Started Now

Every little gem I’ve learned over my years working with people of all different backgrounds is combined here to bring the most affordable route to results, reduced injury and training longevity!

Fill in the VITAL gaps today so you can train confidently to your best, without getting stuck with injuries.

Stability Builder™ is your path to more complete mobility & stability work for only £67 for Life!


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What equipment do I need? 
Some of the workouts only require you and your own bodyweight so you can get started right away, some require a resistance band and others required a weight – this can be anything from a kettlebell, dumbbell, a full backpack, or full bottle of water!
If you have more equipment available, different weights or adjustable dumbbells would be great to progressively increase the weight you’re using, but the focus is stability and full joint strength from all angles so any weight at all will still allow you to get the benefits!

Do I need to do these workouts at the gym? 
Not at all! You can if you want to, but some space in your living room or bedroom is plenty.

 Any gym equipment we use has an easy home substitute, for example:

  • Weight plates to stand on, could easily be a thick book, your fireplace, or bottom step of your stairs
  • Rig post to attach a band to, could easily be your banister or a weighed-down table leg
Stability Builder is designed to be as accessible as possible, so you can do the workouts whenever & wherever suits you best!

Do I need to watch the videos every time I do the workouts? 
No, you don’t need to, it all depends on how you like to train! 

 Once you’ve followed along once, or a couple of times, learned the technique and listened to all the useful hints and tips from Tom it is beneficial to try them at your own pace so you can really focus on how you feel, rather than trying to keep up with us. 
The PDFs in your dashboard have the workouts fully written out with screenshots so you can just use these as reminders as you go through.
So, always follow along or work at your own pace – the choice is yours!

Do I need to be fit to do the workouts? 
Not at all! Stability Builder is designed for movement quality so whether you’re super fit or a complete beginner, you’ll probably be working at a very similar pace. 

 Despite calling them “workouts” there are only a couple that will actually leave you out of breath (I’m looking at your Super Duper Sets!), for the most part, your goal is to get progressively better at technique & control rather than speed or weight.

Plus, bear in mind that more you find hard at the start the more you have to gain! The things you find challenging are the things you need the most.
You adjust the rep schemes to your level if you struggle, e.g. doing half the reps we do, and still get loads of benefits. If you found everything super easy straight away where’s the fun in that?!

I have an injury/pain, can I still do Stability Builder?
If you haven’t done The Simplistic Mobility Method® yet we would recommend you start there, it will build a solid movement foundation for you which you can build from safely.

That being said! Stability Builder is amazing for old recurring injuries like ankle or knee or lower back pain that comes and goes. It will target exactly what you need and highlight where any weaknesses or compensations have built up (and probably causing your injuries to come back). 

 Some movements may need adapting at the start, which we can help you with in the support group, but once you’ve completed the workouts a few times and realise how good they make you feel you’ll wonder what you ever did without them… and why everyone isn’t doing this stuff!

Do I have to do all 11 workouts in a specific order? 
No, not really, they’re all beneficial by themselves.
We recommend running through them all at least once, making notes as you go, then you can either start from the beginning again or pick and choose the workouts you feel give you the most benefits.

Make sure you keep track of which ones you’re doing though! You don’t want to avoid the ones you hate and only do the workouts you find easy!  Each workout has specific principles in mind that develop different areas of your body/movement.
Best thing to do is schedule in two Stability Builder workouts per week that are non-negotiable, and you just roll through them without even checking what’s coming in the next session, just nod and say YES COACH! Or you can call us nasty names if you like, we’ll not take offence.

Can I do Stability Builder alongside my normal training? 
Yes! Stability Builder is the ultimate bolt-on to your existing training schedule! We recommend slotting in 2 workouts per week (they’re between 10 – 30 mins long), which can be used as warmups, cool downs, or standalone active recovery sessions.
Or, if you’re currently on a deload week, returning from injury, or maybe a beginner who’s just figuring out your training you can use Stability Builder as a standalone programme, scheduling 4 per week if you like!

Become the master of your own stability and build superior joint strength with us for only £67 for Life!
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