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About Where I Went Wrong

An original, honest look at mobility from a different perspective.

Rather than another “Here’s the best way to do things because I say so” manual, I decided to share all of the mistakes and places I completely went wrong. These mistakes led me to teach the way I do and are the reason why I readily share so much information for free.

Where I Went Wrong is the book I would love to go back in time and give to myself when I started training. If I can spread the idea of always striving for better movement, no matter where you are on your fitness journey, then every second will have been worth it.

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Inside this ebook find out:

  • That being “clumsy” or uncoordinated is just a result of training history and can be completely retrained
  • How some people are not ready to workout and can get hurt easily through no fault of their own or coach
  • Why I went from an obsessed foam rolling guru to being completely against it
  • When a serious back injury was actually one of the best things to ever happen to me and has not stopped my physical freedom or strength gains
  • How changing your daily habits is actually key to creating good mobility
  • That even with no sporting background, I have now ended up influencing how trainers and therapists work with people all over the world

What You Get With Where I Went Wrong

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An awesome ebook taking you through Tom's journey, experiences and lessons

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A bonus daily mobility routine you can start right away

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Plus FREE: The Non-Negotiables & Super Tricks chapter for training & mobility

Where I Went Wrong devices

Only £6.99!

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