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  • “No more endless foam rolling, band distractions or stretches that do nothing for the ROM - only pure quality movement. I would and am recommending Tom to everyone I know!”

    Juho Kolehmainen
  • After years of feeling like I was working against my own body, I now have so much fun every day and continue to learn and try as much as I can. It is my goal to help others do the same.

    My programs are designed to not only bring progress, but to bring consistency. When you enjoy what you do, you actually want to do it - simple, right?

    The mobility & strength exercises I’ve included I’ve tried and tested through years of experience and found them to be the best for keeping your body functioning well so that you can move without restriction and be able to enjoy learning skills and getting stronger every day. I am also incredibly nice to look at, which is a bonus.

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  • “Love Tom’s stuff. Very helpful and highly recommended. He isn’t just speaking from theory but also from experience which is invaluable. Top class.”

    Stuart Thompson
  • The Movement & Mobility seminar covers mobility, stability and how to increase your range of motion with progressions that lead to advanced skills and strength. You’ll learn how to get the most out of your strength training and avoid injury and how to teach your body to adapt with real techniques that will last you a lifetime.

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  • “I considered myself quite knowledgeable regarding mobility, but the things I learnt at the seminar about daily rituals and mobility fixes have the potential to quite literally change my life. All of this in one afternoon!”

    Mark Coyle
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    In order to get myself excited for home training I want more benefit that just a sweat: getting some extra skill practice, mobility work and strength training done is far more appealing. […]

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