Which Program Should I Choose?

Well, my inflexible (or possibly TOO flexible) friend, there’s no wrong way to use our programs, BUT they have been designed to follow on & build upon each other.

Here we’re going to lay out our recommended order, plus the benefits of each program so you can decide which one is best for you!

1. The Simplistic Mobility Method

Equipment Needed: None

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Understanding how your body works, how to assess yourself, being aware of your restrictions, and how to improve them is essential. Which is why we say you should always start with The Simplistic Mobility Method® - it’s your non-negotiable foundation that everything else you do builds on.

SMM is the movements I use to assess hip, shoulder & ankle flexibility, spine movement, baseline stability and core strength.

The simple set of exercises tests each part of your body, one side at a time, teaching you exactly where your imbalances are. Then (without using fancy terminology and 100s of weird exercises) we progressively improve and balance your body over time - consistency is the key.

SMM is the blueprint of how the body works. It doesn’t need to be individualised; it’s just how you were designed to move. That’s why it works so well and is being used by over 13,000 people worldwide!



1.2. Ultimate Core

Equipment Needed: A resistance band

Ultimate Core (along with the Simplistic Mobility Method & ‘Where I Went Wrong’) is part of the Beginner’s Bundle, as one of the 3 foundational products. Though it’s not as essential to get as SMM.

It is so common for someone to feel like they have a “weak core” … but, how on earth do you fix that? How do you know when it’s strong?! Do you need to be able to do a certain number of sit ups? Maybe hold a plank for a certain amount of time?! How much do you have to deadlift to mean you are strong?!!

Ultimate Core breaks down the 4 principles of core strength, teaching you every aspect of how the spine moves and how it “does not move”, because at the end of the day, core strength is about generating strength from your entire torso while protecting your spine (not about having a six pack).

Core strength is a learnable & changeable, just like any other part of your body – and it doesn’t take that long to master at all when you know what to improve.

This educational series gives you knowledge & guidance of what to work on, how to implement it and most importantly, confidence in knowing you have a strong core.


1.3. Where I Went Wrong

Equipment Needed: A comfy reading spot!

where-i-went-wrong.jpg 355.62 KB

‘Where I Went Wrong’ (along with the Simplistic Mobility Method & Ultimate Core) is part of the Beginner’s Bundle, as one of the 3 foundational products. Though it’s very common for people to buy SMM & Where I Went Wrong together as their first purchase!

This ebook covers my story: How did I learn everything we teach? I lived it first.

I’ve hurt and tweaked almost every body part from being inflexible. I ended up with ridiculous imbalances from compensating. To put it simply, I understand what it is like to feel totally helpless and not know what to do or who to turn to.

What scares me to my bones is that some people can get bad advice and end up not moving for YEARS! Like, 20+ years of giving up the training or sports they love as a result of one 15 minute consultation with someone that didn’t know how, or didn’t care, to help them. This was the position I almost found myself in.

So many things are fixable that may seem impossible at first.

Where I Went Wrong is my own journey with my multiple injuries, setbacks, and realisations, to hopefully help anyone in a similar position or on a similar path that I was and show them there is a better way.



2. Stability Builder

Equipment Needed: Dumbbell/Kettlebell & Resistance Band

Once you have your SMM foundation and you understand your twists & turns you’re ready to take the next step: adding extra strength & stability from all angles using Stability Builder.

I’ve worked with people from pro athletes to Steve who likes to play football once a week, and the same issue comes up constantly: how on earth to fit in all the assistance work? Those extra exercises than prevent recurring injuries, niggles, aches, or weaknesses, that you know are important… but you just don’t ever seem to have time for.

Stability Builder takes the most important exercises for complete joint & full body strength and puts them into a follow along format that means you can’t miss anything out.

There’s exercises for your neck, shoulders, wrists, hips, knees, ankles… right down to your toes!! All in structured sessions between 10-30 minutes long. Some workouts require no equipment, some require a dumbbell/kettlebell or a resistance band, so depending on the equipment you have you can do them at home or the gym! 

Stability Builder gives you strength in areas that may have been neglected, building you an unbreakable body.

3. End Range Training

Equipment Needed: Barbell, Dumbbell(s), Kettlebell(s), Pull Up Bar, Box/Step

End Range Training takes all the foundational mobility & stability and puts in into a strength training format. We combine the principles of fixing imbalances and challenging weaknesses with progressive loading methods to add awesome, lifting-weights-kinda-strength to your body!

We’ve mixed my favourite corrective drills with traditional strength programming, using standard exercises like squats, deadlifts, overhead press, etc. in ways that keep training fun, balanced and beneficial to your whole body. There’s also a section dedicated to gymnastics rings and resistance bands giving you multiple ways to build a strong body!

If you’ve felt stuck in the gym or not knowing how to progress, End Range Training will totally open your eyes to a new way of doing things, it will challenge you while making you feel more complete than you ever have before!

We give you different programming options: you can plug & play with your current training or use it as a standalone program! It’s time to get some gains!




Our bonus programs aren’t essential and sit outside the main flow. They’re more specialised and focus on one aspect of training or movement so you can get some awesome new skills!


Bonus 1: Splits & Hips

Equipment Needed: Yoga Blocks, Strap/Belt

The splits aren’t required for good movement, but they are pretty cool.

They require a bit more focused work to attain and that’s where Splits & Hips comes in. Jenni has combined traditional splits stretches and isometric positions alongside full hip strength and mobility drills.

Whether you want to work towards your front splits, or just want to improve your lower body mobility, Splits & Hips will be a great bonus addition for you!


Bonus 2: Barbell Basics

Equipment Needed: Barbell

It’s very common for people to be unsure of their barbell techniques especially if they are just beginning in their fitness journey.

 One-to-one tuition can be expensive, so Barbell Basics is designed to be your lifetime guide to all the main barbell lifts plus a dedicated ebook on the Basics of Strength Programming. 
We cover not only what each exercise should look like, but also how it should feel like alongside common mistakes so that you can be very aware of what is right and what is incorrect. Barbell Basics is your ultimate online guide.


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